Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

It is that time of the year again! Windows 10 is now running on over 500 million devices in homes, businesses, and schools helping customers work and play. As a step forward on that journey, we’re pleased to release the next wave Windows 10 innovation, the Fall Creators Update. As with all updates, this one provides customers with new features and security measures. It is a further expression of the Windows-as-a-Service model of delivery – and another proof point to the promise that Windows just keeps getting better over time.

Key New Features

1. Windows Mixed Reality: Immersive experiences combining VR thrills and phenomenal presence.
2. Photos: Creative effects, including 3D, for turning photos and videos into compelling stories.
3. Mixed Reality Viewer: See your 3D creations in the real world through your device’s camera.
4. My People: Faster ways to connect and share with your key people.
5. Continuity: New features in Windows Shell for continuity across devices and tasks.
6. Cortana: New voice-activated commands, and better continuity across phone and PC.
7. Microsoft Edge: Browse across iOS and Android, write in books, and pin sites to taskbar.
8. Other great stuff: Eye Control, ransomware protections, Find My Pen, and more

Keep on Keeping on

1. Continue on PC. You know those websites, searches and articles that you pull up on your iPhone or Android phone? Now you can forward them to instantly open on your PC, so you can continue what you’re doing – researching that project, shopping for those shoes, finishing that article – with all the benefits of the bigger screen.
2. Harmony with your Android phone. With the Microsoft Launcher app on your Android phone, you can bring the best of Microsoft to your phone, with one-click access to your favorite apps, including Office, along with your feed of recent news and activities. Enjoy single sign-on for all Microsoft experiences plus great new capabilities like Continue on PC.

Microsoft Edge

1. Now on iOS and Android. Get a continuous browsing experience with Microsoft Edge now available on iOS and Android.
2. Annotate your books. Yes, you can write in the book. The new annotation feature with eBooks lets you highlight in four colors, underline, and add comments.
3. Pin your favorite sites to taskbar: Pinned sites are back! Pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge to get one-click access to your favorite sites.


1. Ransomware protections. To better protect against ransomware attacks which hold your files hostage until you pay to get them back, Windows Defender now has specific safeguards against malicious apps and threats like WannaCry. Exploit Guard protects files against ransomware threats while protecting apps against unauthorized changes and exploits.


1. OneDrive Files On-Demand: Access your files without using disk space. You can save your files in OneDrive, and access them just like any other file on your PC without filling up your disk space. Easily tell which files are available online only or offline. Online-only files download on-demand with a double-click, or you can select files to always be available offline.
2. Pen as PowerPoint clicker. Through the Bluetooth connection to your PC, your pen becomes a PowerPoint clicker. Get up there and present like a pro – advance your slides just by clicking the button on the back of the pen.
3. Find My Pen: Windows can now tell you where you were the last time you inked on your computer — makes finding a lost pen a lot easier.

More great stuff

1. Currency Converter. In response to one of our top customer requests, there’s now a Currency Converter included in the native Calculator; even works offline for when you’re traveling internationally and want to avoid connection charges.
2. Recover PIN and password from Lock screen: No more getting locked out of the Lock Screen. If you’re using an AAD or MSA account and you get stuck at login, you can now reset your password and PIN straight from here.
3. PDF annotations and form filling: Now you can fill in PDF-based forms within Microsoft Edge, save them and print them. And with the annotations capability extended to PDFs, you can ink on PDFs, highlight text and erase your annotations.
4. Better PDF viewing: When PDF docs show up sideways, you can now rotate them and even adjust file layout for easier reading.

With this update, Windows 10 gets even stronger in the quest to be the best platform for IT and users today.
It is a secure, intelligent platform, powered by the cloud, to empower employees and help modernize IT.