Seagate Game Drive for PlayStation®4, Xbox One® & Xbox 360®

Nothing says “Game Over” for the console experience like an overloaded hard drive

Seagate Game Drive – Easy storage upgrade for your PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and Xbox 360®.

A Plug-and-play portable drive made to expand the storage capacity of your Console. Game Drive is a great addition to your gaming toolkit and your winning ways.

Boost your console’s storage capacity with the Seagate® Game Drive, the only external drive designed exclusively for PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and Xbox 360®. In a slim size that fits in your pocket, you can store your substantial game collection with tons of space left over for videos and music.

With 2TB of additional storage for your Xbox One®, you can save the world—or even the galaxy—and all the games that are worth keeping. Free up space on your console’s internal drive while consolidating up to 50 Xbox One® games into a single location.

Easy game storage boost for your PlayStation®4 (PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro) — up to 4TB to give you space to install 100+ of your favorite games.

Plug-and-play functionality gives you instant power up. Xbox automatically detects your drive and walks you through a hassle-free setup process that will have your drive game-ready in minutes.

Unplug the Seagate Game Drive and take your entire game library to a friend’s house. It’s small enough to slip into your backpack and doesn’t need a separate power cord, so you can play your games but eat their snacks.

Game Drive for Xbox is compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and plugs directly into any USB port in your console.

PlayStation-approved installation does not void your console’s warranty.

Key Advantages

  • Game-ready and battle-tested for any generation of PlayStation®4 (PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro), Xbox One® and Xbox 360®.
  • Fast and simple setup — no tools required. Your Console automatically detects your drive when connected to the USB port and walks you through the basic installation process.
  • Black with blue or green aluminium enclosure that is sleek and tough, and designed to complement your PlayStation®4 (PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro), Xbox One® and Xbox 360®.
  • USB bus-powered — no extra power cord necessary.
  • Compact and portable so you can load your game library in your Game Drive and play on your friend’s console.