ROLI music products now available in South Africa via Rectron

If you’ve ever tried to make music electronically, the name ROLI should be one that’s familiar to you. The brand specialises in electronic music products, and are known in particular for their beatmakers, lightpads and synthesisers.

So why are we talking about them, especially as their products are difficult to get a hold of here in South Africa?

Well Rectron is the new local channel distributor for ROLI, which means we should be seeing far more of their products available in South Africa as a result.

“Rectron is extremely excited to add ROLI to its portfolio. ROLI is a major player in the music technology space and we are pleased to be the first to bring its innovative range of products to the local market,” the distributor confirmed in a statement.

What makes the brand so popular is the sleek design of their products, which could help make up for any lack of talent you may have. More importantly though their touch sensitivity, modular functionality and reputation in the music industry for quality are also all reasons why we’re excited to see them become more widely available locally.

Currently ROLI’s range of devices include handheld drum pads to stage-performance synthesisers. They also have their own suite of software, which feature free apps as well as advanced sound design programmes.

“South Africa’s music makers are about to experience amazing new ways to express themselves. We’re delighted to partner with Rectron and make the Seaboard, Songmaker Kit, and other instruments available across the country,” says Sarah Yule, EMEA Sales director at ROLI.

“Technology has completely transformed the way we create and consume music. As we move forward, music technology products will become even more dynamic and accessible, and ROLI will play a key role in driving that journey forward, she concludes.

If you’re interested in ROLI products, and need more information, contact Rectron.

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