PQI My Lockey – For the Paranoid

Meet the PQI My Lockey

A simple USB fingerprint scanner that is perfect for easy, convenient, and secure biometric sign-in.

Windows Hello is Microsoft’s offering for biometric log-in but many PC’s and Notebooks don’t come standard with biometric services. PQI offer the chance at a biometric future at a good price point.

The PQI My Lockey offers a simple, yet discreet, design, with nothing more than the USB connection and the scanner. The small add-on, while easy to lose, should never be taken out the port, and fits so flush on your desk, that you will rarely notice it. Three quarters of the entire device is the USB Type-A fitting, and the rest is a small white band with black trimmings.

There is a tiny green LED light, indicating that it is scanning and awaiting your tender touch. A simple tap and you are done, and when accessing different files, the LED indicates when you need to sign-in. If the device does not recognize the fingerprint, it will turn a bright red, requesting you to try again. It will not strike passers-by with shock and awe but that’s a good thing. It’s hardly noticeable, and will fit in with any Windows device you plug it into.

PQI has used a Synaptics WBDI sensor. The Synaptics WBDI sensor is a well-known name in biometric scanning, so it’s great to see. Synaptics is well-known for their anti-spoofing technology, which has been specifically tested against using fake fingerprints.

To do this, Synaptics has ensured that all communication occurs between you and the sensor, and the communication is encrypted. This secures your fingerprint to the sensor, rather than storing it on your Operating System, where it could become a security threat. Also, anti-spoofing ensures that your device cannot be hacked to read the scanner as your fingerprint.

Furthermore, the PQI My Lockey is Fast Identity Online Alliance certified (FIDO). FIDO is an independent body that sets standards for what constitutes a good security item, including many password generators, passwords encryption (such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge), and creates a safer and simpler way for users to encrypt and protect their data. FIDO is one of the leading anti-phishing systems in the world; so much so, that Google developed their internal security key cards for their 85, 000+ employees using FIDO’s protocols, and have still not suffered a phishing breach to date.

The PQI My Lockey is a perfect alternative for those looking to keep things a little more private, while making daily log-in to a device more convenient, especially thanks to Windows Hello. While you might not be receiving “Classified” level of security, the My Lockey is a great, cost-affordable way of keeping your public PC or device private. The hardware-based fingerprint encryption, and FIDO certification, and Synaptics WBDI sensor, gives you peace of mind and convenience. Just remember to create a strong backup password, for that extra layer of security.