PQI Fingerprint USB Dongle

Have you ever thought that the traditional Password and PIN Code are easily forgettable around your life?

This new fingerprint USB Dongle for personal security, can let end-users to have excellent experience of Windows 7/8.1/10 login (within 0.15 seconds) and file encryption/decryption, just only by One Touch (Fingerprint Sensor identification).

What’s more, we’ve improved and upgraded the product to be compatible with Social Media, just only by One Touch. Creating the fingerprint life, simple to do!

Non-directional access and breath-sensing algorithm keep forgers away

Use any of your fingertips, left or right hand, you can use it as your security pass to safeguard your personal data. Featuring breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect forged fingerprints, making your data safer and harder for high-tech forgers to access.

The improved encryption of My Lockey, the encryption can be directed at a file or folder. With just the touch of your fingertips, the file / folder can be encrypted or decrypted for use. No need to memorize / enter complicated passwords, worry about forgetting the password or unauthorized accesses. 

Delicate dimensions with status LEDs

About the size of a coin, the delicate dimensions blends into your ultrabook dimensions while the status LEDs let the user know its’ operating statuses.

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