GIGABYTE motherboard with Intel Optane Memory accelerated

GIGABYTE AORUS “-OP” series motherboards built-in a 32GB Intel® Optane™ Memory, to help you to boost compared to traditional mechanical drives without any data loss. And it won’t cost you an extra budget to buy an Intel® Optane™ Memory. Of course, no matter what size HDD you are using, it will help you to upgrade the performance to SSD level, making it equal to a big size SSD. This is an easiest way to reduce the bottleneck of your PC.

The secret of an 2TB HDD free upgrade to an 2TB SSD

Most of users who might build a PC system with a SSD for main OS installation and plus a big size traditional hard disk (for example, 1 or 2TB HDD) drive for data storage.

However, no matter how high-end processor and what size of memory they are using, sometimes they still feel leggy, especially when they are trying to read data from data hard disk. It’s because the Disk rotating speed limitations of the traditional hard disk.

Even the workstation level HDD with 10000 RPM rotating speed, it’s still far slower than a SSD, which build by NAND Flash It’s making a bottleneck to user’s system performance. So, in now a day, the performance gap in a PC system is usually the performance of storage.

How to improve storage performance?

To solve this predicament, someone might buy a big size SSD, let’s say a 2TB SSD, well this is a good choice, if you have a budget around R10000, and at this price you can buy 2 PCs of 8 TB (or above) HDDs.

Or the other way, to buying a 32GB Intel® Optane™ Memory, it fuels storage performance by acting as a cache drive, giving users a significant boost compared to traditional mechanical drives. This small M.2 device takes you around R1200 only, but if you combine it with a 2TB HDD, then it will provide a SSD like performance for your HDD, it’s mean you can save more than R8000.