Gigabyte Aorus K9 Mechanical Keyboard

The AORUS K9 is not typical mechanical gaming keyboard and that’s because it does not use the conventional mechanical switches, instead it uses the optical Flaretech switches.
The Flaretech switches offer an unbelievable debounce time – only 0.03ms, compared to a full 20ms in traditional switches. The near-zero debounce time offers you an in-game advantage and higher precision in movements.

GIGABYTE’s AORUS K9 is a sophisticated full-size gaming keyboard that comes loaded with plenty of attractive features such as swappable switches for custom gaming experience, braided cable for extra durability, cable management to reduce clutter on your desk, 100 million keystrokes which is double of a traditional mechanical keyboard, full RGB backlighting, and it is also splash proof.

The AORUS K9 is designed to handle harsh, dusty conditions and liquid spills and Gigabyte claims that it can even work under water. Unlike traditional mechanical gaming keyboards, does not use metal contact points in the key switch itself, instead it uses infrared light to measure the travel distance and key stroke and this makes them less prone to damage by liquids than average mechanical keyboards.