GIGABYTE Aorus 15-XA (Coffee Lake-R) Laptop

Gigabytes Aorus 15-XA is an affordable yet fantastic gaming Experience. Its 15.6″ SHARP display at 240hz is something to truly consider.

While we have taken a close look at many new notebooks with Intel’s 9th generation 8000 series mobile processors, including those with i9 CPUs, we now take a look at an Aorus branded gaming notebook with a 9th generation 9000 series mobile CPU and an RTX 2070. The notebook is a bit special because of its 240Hz display, and while it’s just 1080P, it should provide a very good gaming experience.

The notebook uses a 9th generation i7-9750H, which has a Turbo up to 4.5GHz. It also features an RTX 2070 paired with a SHARP 15.6″ thin bezel FHS 240Hz anti-glare IGZO LCD. This model comes with 16GB of DRAM, a 512GB Intel 760P SSD, and a 2TB HDD. For LAN the notebook offers the latest in wireless AC technology from Killer as well as a Killer LAN chip so that you can utilize Doubleshot Pro. The battery is a 62Wh, and the notebook weighs 5.29lbs. It measures in a 14.21″x9.68″x0.96″ (WxDxH).

Physical Overview

GIGABYTE’s box for the Aorus 15 is pretty similar in design to GIGABYTE’s Aorus branded component products. The packaging is solid enough to keep everything safe.

Accessories include AC/DC power adapter, AC power cord, extra m.2 screws, and manuals. The AC/DC adapter is rated at 11.8a at 19.5v, so 230W.

The top of the notebook is made of a plastic composite, as is the whole body of the notebook. While the AERO 15 we reviewed earlier had an aluminum body, it also costs $1800 more than this notebook, so GIGABYTE is cutting out the frills. The Aorus logo and the two lines light up on the top of the notebook when it is operational. The bottom of the notebook is 50% vents, allowing the new cooling system to breathe. We also find multiple rubber feet of varying sizes that keep the notebook from moving during use.


  • RTX Graphics and 240Hz:
    Some people might think that an RTX 2070 might be overkill for a notebook with a 1080P display, but in this case with the 240Hz refresh rate, it’s a very solid match. The i7-9750H is also a solid CPU, and while it might not be as fast as the i9-8950HK, it still holds its own.
  • Azure AI:
    While this technology is still evolving, we have done some independent research into it and it does seem to optimize performance per each individual task you are doing.
  • More Affordable:
    Some of the gaming notebooks we take a look at cost well over $3K, and many of those come with RTX 2070s much like the one in this Aorus 15-XA. At only $2199, we find the combination of CPU, GPU, display, and storage to be reasonable.

Your Final Thoughts?

The GIGABYTE AORUS 15-XA is a workhorse gaming notebook. The keyboard is easy to work with, the tactile response and general look of the keys are decent, and it feels solid.
Where the Aorus 15-XA really shines in regards to some other notebooks, it is actually affordable for many people who can’t spend the money they want on a gaming notebook but want a solid experience.