Cooler Master Launches New MWE Bronze Power Supply Units

Cooler Master today announced a new set of power supply units being added to their MWE Bronze series. These units offer 80 PLUS Bronze level efficiency in seven models ranging from 450 to 750 watt levels.

The MWE Bronze series also delivers DC-to-DC + LLC technology, a single +12V rail, a 120mm HDB fan with silent operation during usage at lower power loads, flat, black cables, and a five year warranty. All this coupled with a competitive price make for a great mid-range PSU.

Great for Work and Play

The many great features and lower price point make the new MWE Bronze units perfect for lower to mid-range builds and low demand systems. These units deliver high enough efficiency to keep your power bill manageable, while maintaining reliable performance and stability. This series is ideal for professional use systems in either home or office settings but can also be used for multimedia viewing and entry level gaming. Black, flat power cables are included to make cable management easier while providing better looking aesthetics.
Not only were these new units announced at the start of Computex, but they are officially launching this week as well. Show attendees will be able to see the units in person at the Cooler Master booth and then purchase units at their local stores when they return home. For those who won’t be able to attend this year, more information will be shared during the show via social media as well.


The new MWE Bronze units will be available at your local stores and online retailers soon. They are already in stock at some locations. For more information please visit: