Rectron is well-known to our reseller partners as being the leading ICT distributor in South Africa and the southern African region. Our approach to business means that we genuinely value our reseller partners, in traditional as well as emerging markets.

We have an open-door policy and actively support our resellers to learn more about our products and to use available technology to transform the way they do business. We are committed to our resellers achieving sustainable business growth and proactively partner with them to achieve business growth and success. Through years of effort and experience, we have developed a good understanding of our customers’ requirements.

We offer personalised service and staff who are readily available. We also offer Rectron Finance, providing businesses with the ability to finance their hardware and software, thereby easing their cash flow. We believe that our core strength lies in our reseller breadth and this is why we are always looking for opportunities to extend this further.

Our traditional reseller base has historically been the breadth channel of resellers and system integrators. However, in recent years, we have proactively pursued new opportunities in different markets, while still retaining a strong focus on our long-standing SME resellers.

As global trends and technology developments have evolved, our reseller profile has begun to include the following key markets:

  • Power solutions
  • Cloud platforms and datacentre
  • Point of sale
  • Surveillance


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