Internship Skills Programs – Nokuthula

Rectron interviewed Nokuthula Nkosi, one of our employees that started her journey off as an Intern.

What is your post grad degree or speciality and at which institution did you complete this?

I completed my 3-year Diploma in Financial Information Systems at the University of Johannesburg.

Why and when did you apply for the Rectron Internship programme?

In fact, I never applied for an Internship at Rectron and did not know about it. I completed my studies at UJ and was applying for jobs. A friend of mine told me that Max.ASP were looking for interns. So, I scored an interview there, as they were resellers. I then had to do a follow up interview with a distribution company which happened to be Rectron. I got interviewed by Elaine, and she liked me. 

When were you hired permanently, and in what position?

The internship was a 1-year contract with no guarantee of permanent placement. As the expiration of the internship was approaching, I got called by my manager Elaine who then offered me a permanent position as a Microsoft Product Specialist.

What do you think the key to your success in being hired at Rectron was?

I think it was my willingness to always assist where I can, and mostly that I am a very analytical person who pays attention to detail. I always voiced my thoughts and ideas that I had, which I felt could somehow improve workload. I think that is what my manger admired about me.

How long have you been at Rectron now and can you explain a little about your journey?

I have been at Rectron for over 3 years now. My journey has been a challenging yet interesting one. I started as an intern for the software team under Elaine doing solution selling. This was my first “professional” job and first working experience. I had my expectations about the corporate world and it was totally different from what I had imagined.

As a Microsoft Product Specialist, I was given tasks to complete that were not necessarily part of my day to day workload. Later on I became a backup for one of the product managers within our department, and I assisted with admin and operational duties internally.

When a new product management role became available, I applied and was successful.

Wow what an experience. Beautiful yet scary at the same time, as the role came with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, but mostly a lot of learning. In this role I opened up my wings. It assisted in showing my strengths and my analytical skills as well as allowing me to explore other skills I never thought I had. I was able to use my knowledge in other aspects of the business.

What would you say to young graduates who were looking to get into the IT industry about how to succeed?

Research what roles you would like to work in. Don’t be afraid to put up your hand and try something that is new or that you are unfamiliar with. Believe in yourself and always work towards being a better version than you were the previous day. There is a place for all in the IT industry, don’t be afraid to start.

Let us know a little about you as a person.

I am an honest person who speaks her truth and mind. I love having my ideas heard and also love sharing the little knowledge that I have. I love working in an environment that has structure, as that means there is a vision and a way forward in place.

I dislike anything disorganised, and those who feel that the world owes them everything. I have a big sense of humour and I love associating myself with like people. I am also very family oriented and believe in family unity and love, as that’s where I draw my strength from.

Quote from Nokuthula:

“Never feel shy to raise your hand to do more, learn more. No one can ever take away knowledge from you”