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LG’s New TVs Understand South African Accents

Advances in LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence platform has made it possible for the company’s products to better understand English voice commands spoken in South African accents.

This is thanks to the incorporation of “Common English” into the language support of ThinQ-powered LG products, which includes South African variants of English.

LG announced the enhancement during InnoFest MEA 2019, an annual showcase of LG’s home appliances and home entertainment products for the Middle East and African region. This year, InnoFest MEA was held in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition to better support for South African accents, the AI in LG’s range of products for 2019 will also be able to better learn consumer behaviour, and interpret commands based on the context they are given in.

Asking, “Will I need an umbrella today?” results in the AI querying an online service for a weather report, and providing an answer focused on the chance of rain throughout the day.

When followed up with, “What about tomorrow?” the AI is able to interpret the command in context, and give a weather report for the next day.

LG Alpha 9 Gen 2 Artificial Intelligence Processor

The improvements to LG’s ThinQ AI is powered by the company’s Alpha 9 Gen 2 artificial intelligence processor.

Aside from being able to better respond to voice commands, LG said the processor enables a deep learning algorithm to enhance the picture and sound on its new TVs by analysing the source content.

It combines this analysis with data from an ambient light sensor to adjust the tone mapping curve and brightness of the video you are watching based on ambient conditions.