Rectron and Lenovo Data Center Group Partner

Rectron and Lenovo Data Center Group partner to provide world class enterprise solutions for South African customers

Rectron is excited to announce the addition of Lenovo Data CenterGroup (DCG) to its datacentre solutions portfolio. This agreement will allow Rectron to deepen its relationships and offering to its enterprise clients by allowing them to provide a more comprehensive range of technology solutions. This partnership comes on the heels of an already successful partnership with Lenovo’s mobile business.

Today’s economy requires datacentres to keep up with the rapid rate of business change and innovation. Solutions and technology partners must adapt to keep up with accelerating demand and enable their customers to transform their data into usable currency. The technologies organisations invest in today should improve agility and remove bottlenecks to new opportunities.

Rectron believes in its alliance with Lenovo DCG, and its ability to deliver on this vision

“As a tier 1 global brand committed to the IT channel, and as a leading brand in the South African market, Lenovo is a perfect fit for Rectron and the direction in which the company is moving. By signing this agreement with Lenovo, we now have access to Lenovo DCG’s full product suite, meaning that Rectron customers will have even greater access to enterprise technology solutions than ever before, with a vastly enriched enterprise solutions portfolio,”

commented Michael Finch, Rectron’s Datacentre Business Unit Manager.

Lenovo DCG is a leading brand in South Africa, with a history of building innovative partnerships while remaining customer centric at is core. Lenovo’s technology architecture is purpose-built to deliver real-time, valuable insights from edge to core to cloud, enabling a new era of intelligence where customers can fully realise the potential of the data at their disposal.

“Lenovo prides itself on its world class network of channel partners. We believe that Rectron as an organisation would not only be able to introduce our brand to a unique reseller base, but also ensure that the customer is prioritized,”

said, Lenovo Data Centre Group.

Our aim at Rectron has always been to address the needs of our customers. But if our experience in the local market over the years has taught us anything, it is that every business has its own challenges and priorities, and the solutions they require must be tailored to them.

The partnership allows for improved products and services for Rectron in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Hardware – our hardware solutions cover server, storage, and networking, and serve as the building blocks for a comprehensive range of solutions.
  • Business Solutions – Lenovo’s alliances with tier 1 software brands ensure solutions deployed on our hardware are tried and tested.
  • Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) –Lenovo SDI is designed to simplify IT Infrastructure and its management, giving a cloud like experience on premise with the ability to easily provision available resources and deliver value as fast as possible.

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