Rectron Bloemfontein’s set to better serve customers, staff and the community

Fifteen years after first opening its doors, Rectron Bloemfontein is moving to bigger and better premises. The new office and warehouse space is set to better serve customers and staff alike, while helping to uplift the community.

Rectron has enjoyed significant growth in Bloemfontein since opening in the city in 2002. Its staff compliment has grown to 16, including Branch Manager, Liezl Beneke, who started working as a receptionist when the branch first opened.

“We have been fortunate enough to be able to sustain and grow the business and continue to employ new people,” says Beneke. It is now important that we listen to our customers to ensure continued success.

Larger, safer and more elegant

The new premises boast a larger warehouse space, allowing for better stock control and quicker lead times. The building is situated in a more accessible area of town and there are better parking facilities, ensuring that customers and staff can park securely and without hassle.

“We believe our new building adds value to the Bloemfontein CBD,” says Beneke. “It’s elegant, well-built and efficient. Future initiatives will include solar panels, allowing for reduced electricity usage, and water wise solutions, making sure we use as much of our own resources to generate the water we need, as possible.”

Involving and developing staff

Beyond their impact on the community, the new premises illustrate Rectron’s efforts to create a stimulating workplace for its staff, emulating the broader company culture.

Beneke explains, “We took a very collaborative approach to the design and build of our new building, and all staff had a say in how they felt the design would improve general office ambiance and improve customer efficiency.”

This involvement and enablement is key to Rectron’s culture, and has been the foundation to the branch’s success in the region. Of the 16 staff in the branch, 3 have been there for over 10 years, choosing to make Rectron their home away from home.

As the branch continues to grow, Beneke also plans taking on local interns that she can train in different disciplines, providing much needed “on the job” skills and allowing them to become more familiar with the work environment.

From receptionist to branch manager

This opportunity for growth is particularly close to Beneke’s heart, given her fifteen-year journey at Rectron. Beginning as a “wet-behind-the-ears” receptionist, she worked her way through the warehouse and technical department, to accounts and sales, before becoming operations manager and finally branch manager of the Bloemfontein branch.

“Over the years I’ve been able to learn about every part of the business first-hand, often with no idea where to start,” says Beneke. “As a result, I have had the benefit of understanding issues that arise in various departments and am able to offer better guidance in solving different problems. That’s why I want to encourage my own staff to develop themselves, seize every opportunity, and work on achieving their long term goals. And now, in our new space, they are even better equipped to do so.”