Success Stories

Business success often includes stories that go untold as participants in those experiences are simply committed to helping others, finding solutions and solving problems without seeking any fanfare. At Rectron, however, we believe that some success stories deserve to be told as they can be used to illustrate commitment, innovation, creative thinking, service and good news!

We have a story book full of tales that make people smile, laugh, nod their heads and breathe a sigh of relief.

Here are a few stories worth reading about


Spencer Chen, Managing Director

Spencer’s humble routes started in Rectron’s warehouse, offloading containers.
Spencer worked directly under David Kan, CEO of the Mustek Group for 30 years, learning about the sourcing and procurement process. Through some immensely tough training, and some eye-opening experiences starting up joint ventures in Nigeria and Brazil, Spencer had the opportunity at a young age to learn the ins and outs of running a distribution business, as well as to develop his leadership abilities. Spencer was deployed to Rectron in 2011 to head up product strategy as the Product Director. With a strong belief in empowering his staff, and ability to simplify even the most complicated problems, Spencer’s product management team grew from strength to strength. Spencer’s appointment to Rectron’s helm was welcomed by all, as we look forward to a new era of growth under his leadership.


Matthew Hall, Products Director

Matthew’s career started off as a junior sales representative at Rectron back in 2000. Through the years, he grew into a senior sales representative and line manager and ultimately sales manager for Johannesburg. He was instrumental in growing some of Rectron’s subsidiaries at the time, during which time he learned to manage a sales environment, and growing relatively unknown brands in the channel marketplace. His experience equipped him well to manage the Port Elizabeth branch, before moving back to Johannesburg. Matthew ’s product management experience through major brands such as Acer has given him a deep understanding of vendor relations, channel and product development, preparing him eventually for his current role of Products Director. One of Matthew’s most noted projects is the Rectron Rewards program, which is well known to Rectron’s reseller channel. Matthew’s desk is constantly flooded with people (looking for a laugh), and seeking his opinions and ideas about new and existing projects.


Liezl Beneke, Branch Manager – Bloemfontein

Liezl’s journey at Rectron started fifteen years ago, when she was hired as a receptionist for the Bloemfontein branch. Through the years, she has worked across multiple departments within the Bloemfontein branch, including debtors, warehouse, technical, sales and operations. This broad experience gave Liezl an intimate understanding of the challenges and potential in each department, something that has helped her immensely in her strategic decision making on how to run the Bloemfontein branch. As a naturally curious person, Liezl is continuously learning, ensuring that she is able to stay up to date with both operational knowledge as well as knowledge on IT trends.


Teresa Mabaso, HR Business Partner

Teresa’s story is a truly inspiring one, having started off at Rectron in 2006 as a stores clerk, picking stock before being moved to the Rectron assembly line two years later. Then, in 2009, Teresa had an opportunity to move out of operations and into reception, where she worked for a year and a half. From there, she was promoted into our sales admin team, and then given an opportunity to work in the HR team as an administrator. During that time, Teresa’s manager inspired her to do more by continuously giving her more and more challenging tasks, resulting in Teresa’s most recent promotion to HR business partner, where she now looks after two of our branches from an HR perspective. Key to Teresa’s success story has been her willingness to put her hand up for every opportunity, take on more work no matter the difficulty and her ability to adapt to change.


Hanno Lochner, Branch Manager – Port Elizabeth

Hanno started his career working for a small reseller in Port Elizabeth. Through his dealings with Rectron, he quickly identified Rectron as the distributor he wanted to work for. With a diploma in computer science behind his name, Hanno was employed in 2003 as a front counter technician at Rectron. A year later, he was promoted into the role of technical manager, and three years later, operations manager. His experience in operations and technical has put him in the front line of customer service, where he gained knowledge of how resellers work and learned different points of view from his customers. His ability to run a tight ship was rapidly recognized, and he was promoted to branch manager, where he showed his ability to turn a struggling branch back to profit through working tirelessly with customers to grow Rectron’s breadth base in the Eastern Cape. Anyone who has ever spoken with Hanno knows that he has the ability to hold down a detailed conversation on just about anything. Through his experience and learnings, Hanno is able to guide his customers on growing their own businesses, seeing to the continued success of the Port Elizabeth branch.

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