Our Culture

For us at Rectron, our Vision and Mission are not merely words, but values that we strive to live out meaningfully each day:

Rectron Vision

Rectron strives to be an innovative, customer needs led organisation, delivering value to our stakeholders.

Rectron Mission

Rectron aims to be the partner of choice by delivering innovative, end-to-end solutions that enable successful and profitable partnerships.

We value our suppliers, vendors, customers and employees. Our goal is to reach even greater heights as we work together, share ideas, develop useful tools, build trust and do business ethically and respectfully. We operate in ways that make it simple to interact with us to achieve common goals.

In being an ICT distributor of choice, we hope to impact people’s quality of life through advanced technology, good service and ongoing support.

At the heart of our business is our staff. We strive to be an employer of choice, attracting, growing and retaining talented people. Just as we value all our clients – big and small – we invest in every single employee. Through our focus on skills development and empowerment, Rectron trains and grows a diverse range of individuals, helping employees unlock opportunities to perform at a higher level.

Our investment in people enables purposeful career growth. This approach has played a pivotal role in developing an expert management team at Rectron. We will continue to build and strengthen both current and future leaders in all our business divisions.

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