Rectron is intent on being recognised as a leading player in the South African and southern African ICT industry. Being so close to technology and having to be one step ahead in a digital universe means that we need to be highly innovative if we want to get ahead and remain a leading player.

We employ technically-skilled specialists as well as creative and strategic thinkers, to foster a culture of innovation and excellence. A strong national presence and close ties with leading global ICT companies enables us to respond quickly to market changes and to identify trends that are likely to impact our market and business channels.

Our objective is to keep an ear to the ground and to be first to respond to changes, seizing opportunities that come our way and always seeking new and better ways to empower our customers.

Some examples of our innovative solutions include the following

  • Rectron Rewards, our e-commerce platform that enables customers to check pricing and stock availability online
  • Rectron Rewards incentivises dealers to earn exclusive Rectron Frequent Buyer Program Rewards
  • AskRectron is a unique online service support line designed to help customers troubleshoot or enquire about their technology solutions
  • Custom-built tools to enable a modern, seamless online customer journey
  • Extensive CRM tools to assist clients with marketing campaigns and access to essential product information
  • Rectron Finance provides innovative financing solutions to customers

Rectron offers a range of innovative products and services in the following areas

  • Cloud and storage solutions
  • Surveillance and Networking
  • Mobile technology
  • Social business platforms

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