PNY Quadro RTX Cards

Another great product sold by Rectron

Designed and Tested for Professionals

For the last 20 years, NVIDIA Quadro® has been the de facto standard for professionals who rely on both the highest level of performance and enterprise-class reliability and stability. Quadro RTX™ was built on that legacy and the NVIDIA Turing architecture, to open new possibilities that will change the future of computer graphics.

The first Turing-based GPUs to be unveiled are the revolutionary NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX 6000, RTX 5000, and RTX 4000. Designers and artists can now harness the power of GPU-accelerated ray tracing, AI, and advanced shading to create amazing production content faster than ever before.

Designed, built and tested by NVIDIA, Quadro® desktop products are the #1 choice of millions of creative and technical users. Equipped with the world’s most powerful GPUs, large memory capacities, 8K display outputs, advanced features to drive real-time photorealistic rendering, AI-augmented workflows, VR environments and more, Quadro is built to accelerate a range of professional workflows.


NVIDIA Quandro RTX 6000

  • 24GB GPU Memory
  • 4608 CUDA Cores
  • 576 Tensor Cores
  • 72 RT Cores
  • 10 GigaRays/sec Raytracing

NVIDIA Quandro RTX 5000

  • 16GB GPU Memory
  • 3072 CUDA Cores
  • 384 Tensor Cores
  • 48 RT Cores
  • 8 GigaRays/sec Raytracking

NVIDIA Quandro RTX 4000

  • 8GB GPU Memory
  • 2304 CUDA Cores
  • 288 Tensor Cores
  • 36 RT Cores
  • 6 GigaRays/sec Raytracking

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