General Incentives Terms and Conditions


  • Promotion Period: 13 August 2015 - 30 September 2015
  • This promotion will not be valid in combination with any other offer from Microsoft
  • Only sales through Microsoft Open License, Open Value and Open Value Subscription agreements eligible
  • Only one pay out per incentive per reseller between Rectron & Mustek
  • Office 365 Incentive: Payout to resellers is based on the cumulative number of sales of qualifying products to net new end customers, based on the first invoice per qualifying end customer only. An end customer is deemed to be net new if they do not have any existing Office 365 tenant. Any dispute in this will be referred to Microsoft South Africa for final decision.
  • Server Incentive: Payout to resellers is based on the first deal per reseller for a qualifying net new end customer only.
  • Promotion applies only to government and commercial Microsoft corporate accounts customers per Microsoft’s managed account list and SME customers.
  • Rectron/Mustek reserves the right to discontinue to the incentive prior to 30 September 2015 due to funding availability from Microsoft. All prizes earned prior to date of discontinuation will be paid out in full per the incentive conditions.
  • Rectron/Mustek will notify all winners via email for payout before 15 October 2015. Winners will have 30 days in which to confirm address for delivery of gift cards. Should the winners fail to respond to Rectron during the 30 day window, the gift cards will be forfeited.
  • Rectron/Mustek will not be held responsible for any taxes that might arise as a result of receipt of gift cards, or any dispute regarding the gift card recipient at reseller.


Office 365 Incentive Qualifying Products

  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E4


Office 365 Incentive Rewards

Units will be paid out based on a cumulative number of Office 365 licenses bought from Rectron/Mustek during the incentive period resulting from the first transaction per net new end customer. Net new end customers are defined by Microsoft as customers that do not have an existing Office 365 tenant.

Incentive Tiers

  •  3 - 4 units: R350 payout
  • 4 - 25 units: R750 payout
  • 26 - 50 units: R1,800 payout
  • 51 - 75 units: R3,000 payout
  • 76 - 100 units: R5,000 payout
  • 100+ units: R6,000 payout


Windows Server Incentive Qualifying Products

Qualifying Server Software:

  • Windows Server Standard
  • Windows Server Datacenter
  • CIS Standard
  • CIS Datacenter

Qualifying Client Access Licenses

  • Windows Server CALs
  • Enterprise CALs
  • Core CALs


Windows Server Incentive Rewards

Resellers are paid out for the first qualifying end customer transaction only.

Incentive Tiers

1 Eligible Server + minimum 5 CALs - R350                  1 Eligible Server + minimum 75 CALs - R3,000
1 Eligible Server + minimum 25 CALs - R750                1 Eligible Server + minimum 100 CALs - R5,000
1 Eligible Server + minimum 50 CALs - R1,800             1 Eligible Server + minimum 150 CALs - R6,000