Five Tips For Women Going Into Business

Female Entrepreneurs remain a largely untapped economic resource. Women tend to take an optimistic approach to the business environment.

Research carried out by Development Economics on behalf of Facebook revealed that if all South African women who voiced their interest in starting their own business did so, the country’s economy would receive a boost of R 175 billion by 2022, creating 972 000 jobs within five years.

Technology also provides a means to an end for South Africa, as the public cloud alone is expected to generate 112 000 new jobs in the country by 2022 and forecasted to reach 500 billion USD by 2020.

Embrace The Cloud 

There is a reason that spending on public cloud services in South Africa are expected to triple over the next five years. Its affordable nature brings with it a wealth of other benefits too, especially for start-ups and SMEs looking to reduce their financial burdens.

IT Infrastructure can be costly and scaling that infrastructure can be inefficient. With the public cloud, both problems are eradicated since no on-premise infrastructure is needed.


Facing and accelerated pace of change with digital disruption, digitasation and changing customer expectations, purpose-driven businesses are more likely to meet these challenges as they arise.

To further win the war on talent, companies should offer progressive and innovative Environments.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the most effective way of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

If you’re entering the cloud business, ensure you keep up with all the relevant courses, certifications, licenses and cload updates. This will also necessary cloud training and education.

Support Network

Seek out leading entrepreneurs in your industry who can provide mentorship and guidance. Many organisations are looking at supporting internal female driven initiatives for budding entrepreneurs.

Remember, the road to success is never easy, but it will be the most rewarding journey, one worth taking.

“Dont wish for it, work for it, be the game changer.”

Original Article appeared in The Star