Rectron Basadi Launch

Rectron has launched Basadi, our very own female empowerment initiative. We have created a forum where women can have open dialogue around issues still facing women in the workplace, and one where we take an active role in uplifting women in technology. This platform will provide the women at Rectron with a library of resources to drive our culture of self-development, alongside other targeted training and skills development programmes. We aim to foster a company that drives individual leadership, regardless of your position in the company.

We were joined by an esteemed member of the extended Rectron family – Lindani Dhlamini, CEO of SekelaXabiso, and a non-executive member of the Mustek board. She spoke to us about how she’s become successful in her own career, running SekelaXabiso, one of South Africa’s leading audit firms. In her own words, “Women come out in numbers from university, in some professions more women graduate than men. Yet there is still such disparity in leadership positions when it comes to gender. What is causing this funnel effect?” She goes on to say “You must be willing to put up your hand, and learn from people who have gone before you.”

We look forward to the road ahead for Basadi, and are confident that through this programme, we will be able to attract and retain the best female talent in the field of IT distribution.

Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo.

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