Message from the MD

South African ICT resellers are continuously challenged to evolve through creative, out-of-the-box thinking and ongoing developing of their skills set in order to remain relevant. Rectron rises to this challenge every day. No matter what the focus of the business is, each employee within our company has had to learn to do more with less and to constantly up their game.

Rectron continues to evaluate its position in the market and our current offering to the reseller base and we are always on the lookout for ways to add value across all platforms. Who we are and why we exist are the most important questions we keep asking.

As part of our journey towards digital transformation, we have examined all elements of our business, both internally and externally. The old way of doing business in the channel is changing and, again, we have embraced this major challenge.

To support the rapid change in technology and our customers’ growing demands, we have invested in new and profitable business solutions. We have also expanded our business into new areas such as IoT, cloud services, enterprise solutions and licensing. But despite new ventures, we work hard to maintain our core position as a leading IT hardware distributor.

We will continue to develop new business strategies and to share ideas, tools and ways to assist our customer base to succeed in the ever-evolving ICT arena.

“We are a customer needs-led organisation. It must be easy to do business with us.
Efficiency is one of our key business drivers and is the value-add we want to provide to the channel.”

~ Spencer Chen, Rectron Managing Director

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